26 January 2008

Middle School

Having grown up in a small town attending a k-8 school, I had no idea what I was in for when I first started as a middle school librarian.  I work in a school with 800 seventh and eighth graders and wow it is definitely an adventure.  The daily drama and crises are enough to cause any one person to go nuts.  However, I love my job! Through the chaos and insanity I get to spend quality time with kids who just need to be heard sometimes.  I have the chance to help them find great books, learn new things and be a listening ear.  So, seeing this is my first post there will be many more to come. Some about the chaos, some about the frustration, some about the joy and of course, some about BOOKS!


eclaires said...

Wahoo! Welcome to the joyous world of... blog. :)

eclaires said...

Hey bookie! I tagged you on my blog! :)

Smith Family said...

Hey there. You will have to let me know what good books you have read lately. I just finished the Twilight series I loved it.